Drum trailers

Baveck produces reel trucks for fast and slow traffic

The Baveck reel wagon is a functional and very durable reel wagon that has proven itself over the years. We supply a reel trolley for every reel size and weight, from standard to tailor-made! All Baveck fast traffic reel wagons are RDW approved.

Fast traffic

Baveck produces single- and tandem-axle reel trucks for high-speed traffic. The HW2800 single axle can load a weight of almost 2000 kg as standard and the HW3500 tandem axle a weight of nearly 2500 kg.

The reel trolleys can be equipped with a reel reel and reel unit with fuel engine, adjustable towbar, horizontal or vertical rear beam and they can be coated or galvanized.

With high-strength steels it is also possible to make the reel wagons lighter, so that more cargo can be transported or work can be done with a licher-pulling vehicle.

Slow traffic

Baveck develops and builds reel trucks with a load capacity of 40 tons and growing! Insertion widths of more than 4 meters are possible.
Characteristic of these reel trolleys is especially the robust construction and the clearance-free extension system to extend the reel trolleys in width.

Reel trucks up to 15 tons are comparable with those of slow traffic. Reel carts from 15 tonnes use high-strength steels and unique constructions to guarantee the strength of the reel cart. The reel trolleys are here equipped with hydraulic spring constructions, with which the reel trolley can also be leveled and with which the trolley can be adjusted completely in height.
The reel trolleys are adjustable in width with a durable and play-free system, so that there is virtually no deformation between the two suspension points of the reel.
The reel drive is hydraulically adjustable in width and is continuously pressed against the reel with the same force, so that the unevenness in the reel is absorbed. The speed of the drive can be fine-tuned with a remote control.

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