Welcome to the Baveck Machines website

Baveck is an innovative company that was founded in 1975 in Eck en Wiel by former owner Ben Avezaat. At that time, Baveck mainly focused on work in agriculture and fruit growing. Various machines have emerged from this, such as the rotor hoe, carrot cutter and square liquid manure tanks. Later, mechanical engineering for the general infrastructure was added and Baveck started to develop and build reel trucks for slow and fast traffic. Baveck has also been developing and building machines for the rail infrastructure for more than 20 years. This includes flatlorries with construction options, rail undercarriages, crane attachments and other rail-related machines.

Baveck recently started offering engineering. Hereby a concept is worked out together with the customer, after which the product is worked out with 3D drawings and power calculations. Because all knowledge and equipment is already in-house, this process can be quickly followed in relation to engineering firms, with an eye on practice.

Designs can be sent from the drawing table to the CNC cutting table or towards CNC / conventional machining, after which the welding work takes place. After the machine has been coated, the hydraulics and electro can be assembled.

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